Same-Sex Female Couples, or Single Female

Typically, fertility treatment for a same-sex female couples (or a single female, or heterosexual couple where the male is infertile) can be as simple as artificial insemination with donor sperm. It is in this instance that the only fertility concern is sperm supplementation.

Artificial insemination is recommended as the first course of treatment because without any other known fertility concerns, artificial insemination is the least invasive and most economic fertility treatment method. Artificial insemination can be performed at home or in a medical office. The at home method is a self performed procedure called intra-cervical (or intra-vaginal) insemination. The in-office insemination is performed by a trained professional, known as an intra-uterine insemination (IUI). The IUI has a higher success rate of conception since the sperm are being deposited into the top of the uterus, closer to the egg. Our Nurse Practitioner can help you decide which method is best.

The Fertility Center of California can help with finding the best sperm donor to meet the couple’s desires. FCC has an anonymous sperm donor program and happily offers free photo matching or donor selection consults. Usually the partner that is not pursuing insemination will submit several photos for the donor coordinator to find a donor that most closely resembles her/him.

Occasionally, a couple will have a friend or family member that is willing to donate his sperm towards the couple’s family. This type of donor is known as a Directed Donor.