Sperm Pooling

Sperm pooling is a method of saving sperm ahead of time to be used on “IUI day.” The process involves collecting 1-3 samples at the beginning of the female’s cycle and freezing the samples to save until she ovulates. As ovulation approaches, the male should observe abstinence (2-5 days) in order to build up his reserves of fresh sperm for the IUI. When the woman ovulates, her IUI procedure will be scheduled and the male will collect a fresh sample shortly before her appointment. This fresh sample is washed as per normal protocol and the previously frozen sperm will be thawed and added to the washed specimen. This in turn will yield a sample with the sperm from several different days’ worth to boost the total sperm concentration for the IUI.

Fertility Center of California has observed great success with this procedure for males with moderately low sperm counts. For a list of fees, please refer here.