Gender (Sex) Selection Wash

The Fertility Center of California utilizes a proprietary wash based on the Ericcson method for washing sperm to separate the X and Y carrying sperm. Without employing the gender selection, there is approximately a 50% chance of having a boy or girl. When using the gender selection method, it is said to increase the chance of having the desired sex up to 70-75%.

Gender selection is based on sperm so the first step is a comprehensive sperm analysis (CSA). The process of gender selection greatly reduces the number of available sperm therefore knowing if there is sufficient sperm to start the process is required. This washing method is not to be used by couples experiencing infertility.

FCC uses a process with a minor variation for gender selection known as the Ericsson Method which is a technique based on the fact that sperm carrying the Y chromosome move somewhat faster than sperm carrying the X chromosome which are slowed down by the extra ‘leg’ of the X chromosome.  During this laboratory process, sperm must swim through a sticky protein liquid (albumin) in a given period of time.  More Y-bearing than X-bearing sperm will speed through the albumin. By repeating this process, a sperm concentrate is obtained which contains a higher percentage of Y-bearing or X-bearing sperm (depending on which procedure is selected) than the original sperm sample.  The sperm is then used in intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Gender selection can also be used along with IVF to attempt to pre-load and create more embryos of the gender of your choice.

Please remember that this washing method is a tool to increase the chances of achieving a child of the desired sex, not a guarantee.